Stage 9 - Woss to Port Alice

Distance: 111 km

Riding Time: 3 hrs


Stage 6 is the best stage of the Vancouver Island Grand Loop. From the fun bridge crossing at the beginning, to the extremely challenging roads in the middle, and the picturesque Atluck Lake, this is a stage that should not be missed.

Special Note

While the distance on this stage is not extreme, it can be easy to get lost so extra fuel and water is recommended.

Meetup Location

There's really only one place to meet in Woss, and that's going to be the gas station.

Food and Coffee

I would say that you don't really come to Woss for the food. However, there is a nice little local diner that is perfect for breakfast, and an interesting (and weirdly out of place, but great quality) sushi/burger/sportsbar style restaurant.

Scenery: 5/5

Dense forest roads, cliff-side tracks with a mountain to one side and a lake to the other, vast expanses of trees and hills and clouds, signposts in the middle of nowhere that have faded beyond recognition.

Traffic: 5/5

Highly unlikely that you will find any traffic on this stage. Near the end, there is a possibility to see a few logging trucks, but they generally travel with reasonable speed.

Difficulty: 5/5

The beginning and end of this stage are of moderate challenge, however the middle of this stage between Atluck Lake and Devil's Bath Viewpoint are quite challenging due to steep inclines, large rocks, and trails that can easily become disorientating.

Road Conditions: 2/5

Mostly hard packed dirt and gravel except for the section between Atluck Lake and Devil's Bath Viewpoint which is larger fist sized gravel and a few steep inclines.

Photos & Videos

View from the bridge outside Woss

Riding around Atluck Lake

Double checking directions

Points of Interest

1. Atluck Lake

This is a beautiful, remote lake offering backcountry camping right on the shore. There's lots of logging roads nearby and the south end of the lake has islands, as well as trails and caves to explore.

2. Little Hudson Caves

Nestled in the Nimpkish Valley, just a 20 minute drive off the Island Highway, Little Huson Cave Park features limestone and rock arch formations. A short trail through the woods from the parking lot brings you to a platform overlooking a unique rock bridge and deep pools filled with clear green water from Little Huson Lake.

3. Devil's Bath Viewpoint

A short stop on the side of the road with a picnic table and an interesting view of a bowl-like formation in the ground that is filled with water and fallen trees.