Stage 2 - Shirley to Port Renfrew

Distance: 52 km

Riding Time: 1 hr


The ride from Victoria out to Port Renfrew is very popular. Once you're past Shirley, the road opens up and allows for a lot more speed, a lot less traffic, and some really fun twisties. It's all well paved and the view to the south will often open up with glimpses of the ocean. A stop in Jordan River is common to view the surfers.

Special Note


Meetup Location

Shirley Delicious is the common meetup spot for this stage, however riders will often continue from Stage 1 to Stage 2 without a stop in Shirley.

Food and Coffee

Food and coffee is available the the beginning of the stage at Shirley Delicious. The Cold Shoulder Cafe in Jordan River is also a popular spot for a rest and a drink.

Scenery: 3/5

The ocean to the south and forests to the north are the trend along most of this stage.

Traffic: 3/5

Usually there is very low volumes of traffic along this stage. However, if you're unlucky enough to be stuck behind a large RV or a slow Harley rider, there is ample room to safely pass and continue on your way.

Difficulty: 2/5

As long as your speed is kept within reason, this is a fun ride with enjoyable twisties. Every year there are still many riders that crash on this road due to excessive speed, so ride with care.

Road Conditions: 5/5

Well paved along the entire route. Coming into Jordan River, there are a few bumpy sections coming down the large hill and going back up the other side of the hill, but nothing to be concerned about if your speed is within reason.

Photos & Videos

Jordan River

Just before Port Renfrew

Points of Interest

1. Sheringham Point Lighthouse

My favorite spot to sneak out on a Saturday morning with a hot mug of coffee and a full newspaper. Through the gate, you can walk right down to the unmanned lighthouse and watch the ocean.

2. Sandcut Falls

A river cascades down into a small waterfall splashing onto the beach and flowing into the ocean. Once you reach the beach, it's a 5 minute hike east along the beach to reach the waterfall.

3. Jordan River Surfers

If the wind is blowing hard, this is a great spot to pull over and watch the surfers.

4. Botanical Beach and Botany Bay

Set in a wonderful coastal rainforest, Botanical Beach and Bottany Bay make up a 1.5 hr hike in a loop, or can each be visited on their own with a short 30 minute hike.