Stage 13 - Telegraph Cove to Sayward

Distance: 134 km

Riding Time: 2 hrs


Coming out of Telegraph Cove, the road immediately turns to dirt and gravel. This is a heavily used forest service road, so be prepared for logging trucks and big machinery being moved slowly along the road. Once you reach the highway, it's a straight shot to Sayward for some gas.

Special Note

W Rd is a viable alternative to the beginning of this stage should you need to detour due to logging activity.

Meetup Location

Telegraph Cove is a perfect meeting point with a few coffee and breakfast options available.

Food and Coffee

Great food available at Telegraph Cove. Next to the Sayward gas station, there is a small shop selling hotdogs if you're looking for a quick lunch.

Scenery: 3/5

Traditional northern Vancouver Island forestry road scenery here. Lush trees encroaching on the road, sections of small clear cut hills.

Traffic: 4/5

Main Rd S is a heavily used logging road, so expect to see trucks and machinery being moved around. If they're slow going, the staff are very accommodating to riders and will let you know when they can pull over for you to pass.

Difficulty: 3/5

Slightly more challenging on this stage than other stages due to the navigational skill required. It can be fairly easy to get lost on this stage, so care should be taken.

Road Conditions: 2/5

In general, very good road conditions. The dirt and gravel section are heavily used, but in good repair. And the highway, as always, is in perfect condition.

Photos & Videos

Main Rd S outside Telegraph Cove

Main Rd S

Waiting for logging trucks

Highway to Sayward

Points of Interest

1. Steel Creek Bridge

If you make a wrong turn right at the end of the dirt section between Telegraph Cove and the highway, you'll get to ride across the bridge to get to the highway. It makes for a fun end to a couple hours of dirt riding.