Stage 7 - Courtenay to Gold River

Distance: 131 km

Riding Time: 2.5 hrs


Cutting through part of Strathcona Provincial Park, Stage 7 is a great mix of dirt riding on logging roads, twisties on good pavement, and relaxing scenic stretches where you can entertain idle thoughts and get lost in the ride.

Special Note


Meetup Location

There are a variety of meeting locations in and around Courtenay, none of which stand out as exceptional (let me know if you have a good one!).

Food and Coffee

Full services available in Courtenay. Along the way, you can grab a coffee and take in the truly amazing view at Strathcona Park Lodge overlooking Upper Campbell Lake.

Scenery: 4/5

The offroad part of this stage passes some nice little lakes and is treed through most of it. And Highway 28 is a part of Vancouver Island that every rider should make a point to seek out.

Traffic: 3/5

Depending on the day of the week, you may get lucky with minimal traffic, or you may be stuck behind an endless number of trailers and RVs.

Difficulty: 2/5

The dirt section isn't overly challenging aside from making sure you connect from Duncan Bay Rd to Elk River Rd at the right place. Otherwise, it's a nice stage for an afternoon ride.

Road Conditions: 2/5

The dirt section has one bridge with a rim-ending pothole on Duncan Bay Rd, but other than that the dirt road is in relatively good shape. The paved sections are all well engineered and will prove lots of opportunity to scrape pegs if you chose to.

Photos & Videos

Just outside of the Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Along Highway 28

Along Highway 28

Town of Gold River

Points of Interest

1. Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Mainly popular during the winter as being a great place for snowboarding and skiing. The resort is open in the summer with reduced rates and you can even ride the chairlift to the top for a quick hike around as well.

2. Strathcona Park Lodge

A gem overlooking Upper Campbell Lake offering a spectacular view of the lake and barely drinkable, overpriced coffee. The view makes up for it, though. They also have large rooms and cottages available to rent and lots of educational activities happening throughout the week.