Stage 8 - Gold River to Woss

Distance: 77 km

Riding Time: 2 hrs


The road coming out of Gold River almost immediately turns into dirt and does not let up until you reach Woss. This stage is a great example of what the northern forestry roads on Vancouver Island are all about - very remote with views of trees, mountains, lakes and multiple bridges to cross.

Special Note

This is a very remote stage. Ensure you have spare fuel and extra water and snacks in case of an emergency.

Meetup Location

Clayworks Cafe Gallery is a great spot for a quick lunch and a coffee before setting out. It also acts as a small art gallery with prints, paintings and pottery on display.

Food and Coffee

There's a few options in Gold River and two places to eat in Woss. There isn't anything in between, so bring a snack and lots of water.

Scenery: 4/5

For anyone who appreciates the beauty of seclusion, this will be a memorable stage. It quickly turns into a desolate backcountry road at elevation with stark views of mountains and clear signs of logging activity.

Traffic: 5/5

Aside from the odd logging truck, you won't encounter any traffic on this stage.

Difficulty: 4/5

This stage is almost entirely dirt and gravel. There are a lot of side-roads off the main route and if you're not paying attention, you can take a wrong turn and get lost easily.

Road Conditions: 3/5

Some parts are pockmarked with larger stones packed in the road, but most of this stage is light gravel throughout. It's an active logging road, so you can expect the usual amount of potholes and ripples when going uphill.

Photos & Videos

Bridge crossing near Gold River.

Remote road with signs of logging activity.

Long secluded stretches of road are common on this stage.

Points of Interest

1. Upana Caves

A day-use site including a trail system that takes you to the Upana Caves - named for the river that flows underground through the system. There are five caves to explore, a viewpoint overlooking a waterfall, and a viewing platform providing a great view of the Resurgence Cave entrance (where the river flows out of the cave and back to the surface) - not to be missed! Remember to take two sources of light, watch your footing, and mind your head on some of the low cave ceilings.