The Vancouver Island Grand Loop is the definitive overland adventure motorcycle route circumnavigating Vancouver Island. The VIGL stitches together the best roads Vancouver Island has to offer, including widely popular local favourites and many unique hidden gems. Preference has been given to avoid the main highways in favour of back roads featuring scenic vistas and challenging roads.

The route is approximately 1,700km long, about 50% paved, 50% dirt/gravel. Depending on your pace, it will take 5-8 days to complete. It's recommended to ride an adventure motorcycle due to the amount of dirt/gravel roads.

The entire route has been made available through an interactive Google Map of the route and you can also download the .gpx file of the route.

If you have any feedback on road conditions, recommended side-trips branching off from the main route, or would like to report a road closure or detour, please contact me.

Please Note: The Vancouver Island Grand Loop maps and stage descriptions are intended to be an overview of the route rather than turn-by-turn instructions. In addition to Google Maps as a method of navigation, it’s recommended to have an accurate GPS, a copy of the Backroads Mapbook, a personal locator beacon and to know how to use them. As with any remote travel on Vancouver Island, conditions can change dramatically from blistering sun to complete downpour in as little as 10 minutes and may render parts of the VIGL as unpassable. Many of the northern stages contain evidence of wildlife (bears, cougars, wolves, etc) and appropriate precautions should be taken.

Please take care and be ready to turn back if the situation becomes unsafe.

If you would like to donate toward maintaining the Vancouver Island Grand Loop, I've set up a PayPal donation link below. I really appreciate your support.