Stage 14 - Sayward to Campbell River

Distance: 75 km
Riding Time: 2.5 hrs

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Special Note
When it appears that Big Tree Rd has come to an end, backtrack to the mainline you turned off of and it will eventually connect with Memekey Rd up over the hill and continue on as expected.

Meetup Location
The Sayward gas station is the most likely meetup point for this stage.

Food and Coffee
There's a hotdog place in Sayward that's ok for a quick lunch, but save your appetite for for Campbell River which has full services and lots of restaraunts and pubs.

Scenery4 / 5
This is a great stage for anyone who likes remote, isolated dirt road exploring. Scenery varies between lush forest, desolate expanses of clearcut hills, and long stretches of dusty gravel roads. 

Traffic4 / 5
Very little traffic will be seen on this stage. In the summer, Morton Lake Provincial Park can be busy, so watch for campers. 

Difficulty4 / 5
Very easy to get lost during the first hour of this stage - see the Special Note for this stage for more information. 

Road Conditions3 / 5
Average road conditions. Nothing stands out as exceptionally challenging.

 Points of Interest
1. Ripple Rock Lookout
The Ripple Rock Trail, which leads to the Seymour Narrows lookout, is about a 3 hour roundtrip hike, and the view is very impressive.