Stage 12 - Port Hardy to Telegraph Cove

Distance: 56 km
Riding Time: 1 hrs

Coming out of Port Hardy, you'll connect onto the northern tip of Highway 19 with a high speed limit and very little traffic. This is a short stage that is more of a throughway onto more interesting roads ahead. However, if you just completed stage 11, this will be exactly what you need to get those carbs and fuel injectors cleaned out with some high rpms.

Special Note

Meetup Location
Captain Hardy's is a good meetup spot for coffee and a nice breakfast while you review the route ahead.

Food and Coffee
Many food options available in Port Hardy. Telegraph Cove has minimal options, but what's available is fantastic for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Scenery3 / 5
Not a lot to see along most of this route until you turn off the highway onto Beaver Cove Road, which is especially nice in the morning when the fog has settled leaving only a few hundred meters of visibility. The active sawmill can seen from the road going into Telegraph Cove.

Traffic2 / 5
Aside from the usual low volume of norther Vancouver Island traffic, the only time there will be a noticeable amount of traffic will be when the ferry from Prince Rupert gets in.

Difficulty1 / 5
Very little challenge, which will be appreciated after stage 11. Set your cruise control and kick back with some music while you enjoy the road.

Road Conditions4 / 5
the entire route is paved and in good condition. Beaver Cove Road has some bumps and wildlife can be a concern, but it's barely even worth mentioning.

 Points of Interest
1. Telegraph Cove
What used to be a sawmill and cannery community is now generally a resort retreat for people to rent cabins dockside. Kayak rentals are available, as well as boat charters. Whales are also extremely active in this part of the Island.